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Unexpected Opportunities

Life can be really random sometimes.  Something you didn’t think was a possibility, or expect could ever happen, suddenly is an option in your life.  I was emailed by a communications coordinator with The Underwear Affair on Monday, and to be honest at first I thought the email might be spam.  I was asked if I would be interested in sharing my story with the media (both before and on the day of the event).  It seems she had read my blog from the link I provided on my profile, loved it, and she felt I had a really inspiring energy and positivity towards my situation.  I don’t take compliments well, it’s not that I don’t believe in myself exactly, but I just find it hard to believe that others might find something worthwhile in what I am doing.

Simply put, I will be available for any media requests, whether it is sharing my personal story, sharing the message of preventative measures finding the pre-cancer early, or promoting The Underwear Affair.  I’ve been told I can talk about anything I want and that I can promote my support group, Wellspring, YACC, and really it’s whatever I am comfortable sharing with the media.  This amazing opportunity coming all because I blog, as I would never have put myself forward as a candidate otherwise.   I never started this blog for fame and glory (but really we all have grand dreams),  it was more a release for me than anything, and a way to connect with others going through the same thing. I participate in Monday Blogs to find people, more than for the self promotion, and it’s probably something I need to get over, a fear of self promotion.  Though I will say that I’m so proud when someone follows me, and really the experience has renewed a love of writing that I lost long ago.  So this media opportunity is really just….amazing.

I’m very curious to see what media outlets might be interested in speaking to me, and I have been told to blog about the experience as much as I want, so expect lots of pictures and stories.  It’s cliche, but if I can convince a woman who has never been for a smear to get her first, or show young women it’s not embarrassing or horrible to have one, than it’ll be worth it.  I’d also like to show that people with pre-cancer, and cancer, are normal people, and that we don’t need to be feared.  We want to live, love and be as happy as anyone without this disease, sometimes it’s just that we might have to put those things on hold for awhile to kick cancer’s ass!

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