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Roller Derby – Season Opener

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I am a huge fan of roller derby, that may come as a surprise to some people.  I think these ladies embody so many qualities that I would love to see in everyone, they are brave, strong, spirited, supportive, and they just know how to have fun.  I’ve only seen exhibition games to this point, so it was great to finally make it to a proper bout.  If you asked me why I enjoy the sport so much, I don’t know that I could pinpoint one part (though a lead jammer breaking through a pack is pretty exciting), but I know I’ve loved it for awhile….actually since that A&E show about derby girls so many years ago.  


What was even better is that I know a few people on the Cut Throat Car Hops (@CDRA_CarHops), which made the game so much better.  It was fast paced, hard hitting, and just all around a lot of fun, with Jammers leaping over blockades, and hits to satisfy any hockey fan! It’s safe to say that if you haven’t attended a game, you should! The final score was 307-242, with the Car Hops losing to the away team from B.C.


Confession Time: I’ve always wanted to be a derby girl.  I want to learn how to take hits, skate with speed, and not be so scared of everything.  I know what many of my friends are thinking as they read this, that I am prone to some pretty serious accidents/incidents, and while that is true, it’s also true that you can get hurt at any time in your life.  I need to learn how to take life’s hits, as with this last illness, I’ve become a lot more anxious and afraid overall.  Even though I do move on from these challenges, I need that constant reminder that life hurts, and when it knocks you down…well you just get right back up.  I’m going to try and get out to Lloyd’s a few times, skate around and see how it feels.  I’ve been on roller skates before, and ice skates, so it’s not like I’ve never had any experience.  If things feel good than maybe I will check out the next Fresh Meat Camp, and spend three months in an intense training period.  And having people think of you as a bad ass is kind of cool… my bad ass quotient is currently quite low.


Hell, who knows….maybe one day I will be one of those ladies on the track, with a Piper to serenade my entrance!


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