This site is about my experience with cervical dysplasia, as well as anything else I might feel like discussing!

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

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As you can see, I’ve decided to participate in the 30 day blog challenge, and the first challenge is to write a little about myself, or why I started this blog.  The reason I started this blog was ultimately personal.  I have been going through a very traumatic time in my life, cervical dysplasia, and when I looked to the internet to find information, I was very disappointed by what I found.  People were fear mongering, or posting unrealistic ways to cure dysplasia, and not much else. In October 2013 I began a social media course, and one of the units was about blogging, so I decided to create a blog about cervical dysplasia and HPV.  It’s been really beneficial to me, as writing a blog or journal is a great way to relieve stress, which I desperately need right now.  The reason I am not writing in a paper journal is simple, it’s never worked for me in the past, and I thought an online one would keep me more accountable.  I want my blog to become a place where people can find information, and openly discuss their issues…and maybe one day it could grow to be so much more.  I also want people to become more comfortable with discussing “delicate” issues, and not to feel uncomfortable when a friend speaks openly about things like cervical cancer. 

I honestly hope to connect with anyone and everyone, not just women.  I know a lot of guys that might be searching for information on how to support their partner, or how they can participate in halting the spread of HPV, and I would like to help them in that regard.  Ultimately though, I do want to connect with women who are going through some scarey times and show them a realistic view of one woman’s journey through dysplasia. I am fully aware that my responses to treatment are mine alone, so that is why I would love to have other people contribute content, or reply with their own story.  I really enjoy connecting with people (even though I am extremely introverted) and discussing any topic, so I would love to have people reply to my posts.

I’m making my hopes for this blog realistic for now, and it’s partly so that I don’t disappoint myself and become discouraged, as I always expect too much from myself.  I know I am rusty at writing, and that these things take time, but quite often I still end up feeling a failure when I compare myself to others.  For now I will be happy if I by December 2014 I have doubled my followers, and I have people replying to my posts, instead of just reading them.  A few people I know say they have enjoyed my work, but they aren’t leaving comments, so that doesn’t help me on the promotion side.  Some of my other ideas like creating a forum, or polls, need more followers or they will fall flat, so this definitely is a slow work in progress.


There is one website that I have found that briefly discusses cervical cancer, and that’s HysterSisters.  They can be found at:

I’ve also discovered two other woman blogging about cervical dysplasia: and . Please check them out


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