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Connecting through social media

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This is going to sound a bit silly, but I realized tonight that I don’t like it when I “lose” a friend through some sort of social media.  It’s not a vanity thing, but more that I hate losing a connection that could hold potential for the future.  Someone I thought I had little in common with, can all of a sudden become closer, due to a shared experienced.  Now, had they dropped me during the quiet time, that connection never would have happened (or if I wasn’t as vocal as I am about everything, we wouldn’t have realized the connection!).  I moved around a lot as a kid, until we finally settled in Calgary permanently.  I thought about my former friends a lot, but it’s hard to write letters to 40+ people a year, and still have time for the all important childhood experiences.  Once I discovered Facebook, all of a sudden I could track down these people, find out how they were doing, and occasionally share something with them.  After 20 years of separation, do we have any common interests, or goals? Quite often we don’t, but I still like knowing how these former playmates are doing. Do we have to talk a certain number of times a month to be friends? No, not at all, why set a limit on friendship?  Staying connected with those I’ve met through work has found me jobs, and so when someone I know through previous work decides, “I don’t really know this person, so I will just un-friend”, I think, “Well, that was rash, who knows how we could help each other in the future?”.  It just feels sad to lose connections, and realistically looking at myself, maybe I am a bit nosy, and too concerned with understanding other humans (I am trained in archaeology, with a background in psychology)….is there really anything wrong with being like that?  In a world that is becoming increasingly distant and cold, shouldn’t we strive to use that technology that increases the distance between us, to instead bring us closer together?  Connections, even ones with assumed little importance, can one day become very huge in your world, especially if you have any medical issues.  We don’t even realize how lucky we are to have social media, previous generations never had the ability to stay connected with so many people, so easily. So next time you think, “I should un-friend that person, we hardly know each other”, maybe hold off on that, or at worst limit their availability to your profile, because you just don’t know what they might mean to your future.  


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