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From calm to panic in three seconds

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I’m posting a picture I took at the Trevi fountain, as it reminds me how panicked I felt that day, not unlike today with a phone call from my Dr.  The nurse called today to ask if I knew about my appointment with the clinic.  After speaking to her for a few minutes,I began to panic a little, and asked the nurse if I had missed one, or was it in the next week?  It turned out it was for the appointment that the clinic made with me for May 2014.  When I hung up the phone, I looked at my co-worker and laughed, full of relief.  It may have been a better idea for the nurse to say “Are you aware of the May 2014 appointment?, instead of making me think the clinic had missed calling me, or something worse had been found, again missed communication. I generally can keep my panic under control, but you don’t know when you will be overwhelmed by it.  Things are getting a lot better though, less panic attacks, now if I could work on sleeping through the night!

To give a bit of context to the picture, when I visited Rome I was overwhelmed with panic  It was wall to wall people in the city, and at Trevi Fountain, which is a very small area, there was a mass of people.  I can’t even believe how many, and my picture does not include all of those who were there.  Surrounded by people and no where to comfortably wait for the group, so when someone said to throw a coin in the fountain to me, I piped up with “I don’t want to come back!”.  I guess if I wasn’t a little neurotic I wouldn’t be me, and at least I try something once, before deciding I am too afraid to try!


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