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HPV vaccine given to young men in AB….

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I can’t wait to hear the news tomorrow, and I hope this is true.  It does seem odd for boys to be inoculated, but they can get cancer as well.  Why I am truly happy is that I was in a trusting relationship and still got HPV, many do, it could be that someone they were in a relationship previously got HPV and has spread it to many others.  It’s amazing how quickly it can spread, even with the use of condoms, and though not all HPV infections progress, who wants to take that chance that it might?  Kids are already kids as well, it’s not going to change their behavior, but it’s nice to think that maybe one day women won’t receive the horrible news that they have dysplasia and/or cancer.  And yes, for those who might be curious, I am waiting for injection #3 on the advice of my doctors.  I don’t want to catch another strain and go through that I have again.


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