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The next 24 hours…..

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Well, I am looking forward to it being this time Friday.  Tomorrow is the first day that I could possibly get my pathology results back, and I’m told by the nurses to hope for no call as “No news is good news!”.  My colposcopist only works two days a month at the clinic, so this Friday and next Friday will be a little bit nerve-wracking.  I use to hear about people who waited a long time for bad results and I questioned why they would sit and wait, even my therapist wondered how the clinic waits so long to call, but I think I now understand how people can wait.  You want to live in that bubble of time, almost a schrodinger’s cat situation, where you don’t know either way, it’s somewhat peaceful (on the days you aren’t filled with anxiety and fear).  Once I get the call there is no going back, there’s no being normal, but while I am waiting things appear much better.  It is better to know though, as ignoring it forever isn’t good either 🙂

So here’s to it being 9:30pm on Friday and no news being good news…..then I only have to wait one more week to be in the clear for six months.  It’s the little things, right?


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