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Thoughts on posting and creating the video

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I meant to post this earlier, but I had an internet malfunction that couldn’t be corrected due to a last minute trip to baby sit my friends twins (that’s a story in itself).  I’m really pleased to see the quality that was produced by my class, though I still don’t know how I feel about my video.  It could be that I didn’t really have a standard that I could compare to for someone of my technical skill, and the amount of time it seemed to take really frustrated me.  If I had something to show or teach, I think I would have enjoyed it more, but I did learn some valuable lessons about the power of videos in social media.  It took me way to long to write, produce, and edit a 2.30 min video, so much so that I actually wanted to quit and take an F.  Taking and F is something I never consider, even at the worst of times, as I love to learn.  I felt that what we have all done is more suited to a final project, as in we could have taken a whole class on visual media and slowly built up our skills so that we felt like we knew what we were doing.  I worry that my negative feelings may prevent me from ever attempting this again, even in Talking Head format, but hopefully that won’t be the case. Like my classmates, I am finding podomatic a poor choice for uploading, and I’m not sure if I should pursue sites where I pay for this kind of service, as my tech skills are quite low and I can’t always tell if it would be worth my time and money.  My sound quality was much better when I recorded it, and I thought it was ok when I transferred the file, but what probably happened is that I had listened to it for so long in editing that I could have “heard” it in my sleep.  I did find podomatic better for our podcasts, so maybe the extent of its use is audio and not visual?  Cost is also a factor when you consider the recording equipment you may need, and I’m not sure I am ready to buy a quality microphone as of yet, but I can see how it is necessary if you will produce videos all the time.

Did I learn anything positive?  Well, I have learned that there is a distinction between the various kinds of video, and that some are suited for professional use, while others are for personal use.  I really feel that power point is best to convey a business concept, or teach something step by step that isn’t complicated, and it looks great for professional use.  It also allows a business to remain professional and keep a distance between themselves and their customer, and no matter how much I am told social media breaks down that barrier, I think it still exists in some form. I think talking heads and “how to videos” are better for more personal use or small home business, not that they can’t be used by a bigger business, but they impart a feeling of intimacy and helpfulness that really allows you to get to know someone, and will have you coming back to learn more.  This is what I find with the YouTube video I posted of Lauren Luke’s makeup site, you listen to her talk, see her friendly face, learn something and think I would like to experience this again.  I also learned that I need to take more classes in not only video production, but in writing skills as well, so it has prompted me to look into classes in these areas.  Shama Kabani is right, it is the most powerful social media tool out there, and it’s also the one fraught with the most troubles and a high failure rate, which is not a coincidence in my opinion.



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