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I have some impressive classmates in ADL 310

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Wow! I am really pleased by the quality that was produced by my classmates, and the variety in videos.  We had ones that used animation from videoscribe, ones based in powerpoint, and a few “how to videos”, and I think they all set out successfully to teach us valuable lessons and provide useful information. I think we all did an admirable job with a difficult module, one that really challenged our skill set. I love seeing how supportive we have all been of each other, and it doesn’t feel like false support or praise to make someone feel better.  Kudos to us all!  

I was relieved to know I wasn’t alone on was the issues with how long it took to produce the videos, and the issues uploading using podomatic.  I honestly thought I was doing a terrible job with it taking almost seven hours to produce and edit a basic videoscribe animation, but realizing that it was really that we all had a lot to learn in a short time made me feel better.  I’m sorry you all had to suffer to make me feel better 😉

One point that worries me is the cost to produce these videos, as I noticed a few classmates had to purchase materials to finish the video, and I wonder if it is worth it.  Our text book is right, video is a powerful medium, but have there been many cost/benefit ratios done to see if it really is worth the time/money spent on buying equipment and software?  If you are producing videos to spread a message, or just because you love making videos then that’s one thing, but if you are wanting to get customers and traffic out of it, does it actually pan out? Especially, when you compare cost/benefit rations to the other low cost social medias like twitter, Facebook, and even strictly audio podcasts.

Again, I’d like to say great job to all my classmates, and good luck with videos in the future.  


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