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I got it! Please don’t be too hard on me…

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Maybe this christmas you will think about making tags like my classmate Janley!

Janley Holeha


Video – How to make a Christmas gift tag

So with the help of my great classmates, especially Scott for pointing out the mp4 thing, that got me there!  For some reason, it won’t let me share directly to YouTube from iMovie, but I’ll work on fixing that…

So here is my VERY amateur attempt at a scrapbooking video.  There are lots of similar videos out there and please, don’t be too hard on me due to my husband’s filming skills, or lack thereof and the darkness.  It’s a bit of rough start, but he gets better, please be patient. 🙂  He wanted to do it again but I wanted to learn about the uploading process, not photography skills right now and was worried about time. 🙂

Scrapbook Christmas Gift Tag – Again, I apologize for the dark room, it’s authentic since I’d be doing any of these activities in…

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One thought on “I got it! Please don’t be too hard on me…

  1. Thanks! The video is horrible but hope others are inspired none the less! posting another video to redeem myself!

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