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One of my classmates video on self publishing, advice on some of the sites you can use.

Nanci's Blog for ADL310

Finally got a video done.  I looked at several sites, and found a couple that did super animations. Problem is I just don’t have time to properly learn how to use them. Ended up going back to my original idea. Did it in Powerpoint and saved it as a Windows media file, on my “part-time” job as a writer. Got it uploaded both at YouTube ( and  Podomatic (

I couldn’t think of much in the way of using videos at work.  I process invoices. How boring! I don’t think anyone really wants to see a video on that. 🙂

The whole process of doing a video was a little intimidating, but it wasn’t really that bad. The only part I didn’t like was doing the audio. Maybe I’ll look for a site where you can change your voice into something else. I kept one of the animation programs…

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