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More Videos in the Making

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Thoughtful advice on video podcasts from my classmate Meldemac


This past week I got some honest feedback from my fellow students on how they liked my Nepal video – and how they didn’t.  My take aways from this were:

1. People (followers) will develop expectations on what content you should be providing.  If you stray from this genre, or brand, it will leave your readership feeling confused, short changed, and possibly abandoned enough to drop you.

2. Planning isn’t enough.  To make videos on a regular basis they need to be part of your mindset.  Everything you do or say, experience or what have you needs to be given consideration as a video contender where possible.  This was evident this weekend because now that I’m conscious of my needs as a video makers, I was going about my work and planning to include video footage along the way.  

All in all it was a good learning week and…

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