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Video Podcasting for work


It’s no secret that I didn’t love this part of the course, and I have trouble seeing how I would use video for my personal work.  For my personal blog, I can see myself on occasion doing a video blog, but I can’t see any reason to make one of the power point or video scribe presentations in the future.  In my opinion, it this style of presentation is more if you are wanting to specifically sell a company, an idea that is more business related, or even like Evie, posting something that is creative and set to photography.  Otherwise, power point and scribe loses that personal connection, and keeps a distance from your customers. I think the talking head will work better for someone speaking about very touchy issues like mental illness and women’s health.  I want to be very open an honest with everyone, and not hide behind graphics.  Though, in all fairness I could see why someone might want to show photos while they talk, as it could be terrifying for someone to show themselves when being very open, we all have our different comfort zones.

For my own job, we are talking about starting a YouTube Channel to  post promotional and educational material.  We want to do interviews with many of the staff and students about their current research work, and the idea would be to post these on our Facebook website, twitter, and have everything link to YouTube.  It would be a great way to teach people what Geomatics actually is, and how it affects our everyday living.  Currently, there has been a real push to get very active in social media, to the point that I won’t be surprised if more jobs are created in the School of Engineering for this purpose.  I can see us using power point as a visual aid, since our graduate seminars use this format, and it would be easy to post and record the sessions, even in the way we had to for our class.  We could use camtasia to record the slides, and record the audio separately.  I don’t see video scribe working at all, it’s more for something that is based on communication presentations that focus on “buzz words”.

Overall, I think there needs to be a real separation between the personal and professional video media, and this was the main theme that I took from this module. And that I know a lot of hard working and creative classmates.


4 thoughts on “Video Podcasting for work

  1. Reblogged this on Meldemac and commented:
    a great lesson for everyone in Kwizoe’s recent video!

  2. I thought this was really good. I liked seeing the Videoscribe technology – haven’t played with that yet… how did you like it? You were a little quiet and I had to turn up my speakers but the pace and tone were great. I loved your point!! Yes!!! Agree!!! good job 🙂

    • That’s funny, the sound quality was great when I first made the video, and it sounded ok when I listened on podomatic, but I bet it was that I was just so use to what I had said that I didn’t notice the quality.

    • Oh and thanks 🙂 I really struggled with thinking it was even ok, but I couldn’t spend another minute on it, lol.

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