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Video Podcast…and you will learn I am quite sarcastic when I am tired


After 7 hours of hard work, I present to you a video podcast that I am happy to publish…..or at least I feel I won’t completely fail this module.  I learned tonight I am not a videographer, and I could use some (a lot!) training in this area.  It’s about 30 seconds too short, and my sound quality, diction, etc. could be better, but with the amount of time it took to make it look this good (good, what are you sleep deprived….wait…maybe I am) I don’t want to mess with it anymore.  I know from using power point that you need to limit the amount of visual components to spoken components, and I hope I achieved a relative balance with those features.

It’s simply a podcast about the trouble I encountered when making this video.  I like Meldemac felt that the talking head format was perfect for the kind of “work” I will be doing, and to not have that option really limited me.  I know I could have done something on pure social media, like a tutorial, but the assignment was to create a video podcast for your work, and creating one on social media would not have been true to that criteria.  And to create a video that wasn’t me talking really seemed inappropriate or belittling to my audience.  I mean if I am talking about how a LEEP affects you and i am just showing pictures of people looking sad, or just text, wouldn’t you feel disengaged from me?  Or would you rather see my face, and my emotions, as I talk about something really very difficult?  Please enjoy the podcast!

No, no, please, you are embarrassing me, such praise…. and an Academy Award!! I don’t know what to say!  😉


9 thoughts on “Video Podcast…and you will learn I am quite sarcastic when I am tired

  1. Wow….quite a video you’ve made. Thanks for the shout out, I hope the pressure doesn’t get to me. Cool looking video, certainly, it’s just I associate the hand/scribe format with different topics for sure. I suppose this makes your point, that the energy level/personal connection/chosing the right presentation makes all the difference in the world. I feel very confident in saying that even within this format you chose, you come across as very sincere, which I’m sure was a huge consideration, and you succeeded in that. This video gave me lots to think about, and I think it does provide a lot of evidence that video is indeed the most powerful of the social media platforms/styles we’ve looked at. Now, I hope mine will be too.

  2. Thanks, for the comments. I think my lack of experience is what made it so hard for me, and I too often strive for “perfection”. The most I’ve done is make a power point, it was a steep learning curve, especially the editing. I’m interested to see yours, since I have been enjoying the bike theme.

  3. Hey Kristal, I understand your concern…I, too, would have enjoyed a talking head video. One of my favourite channels, Martha Alderson, does exactly that, and it is engaging, interesting, and educational. I really like videoscribe, so it was nice to be able to see the text display based on your conversation. I think this could have benefitted with more graphics; however, I know how hard that is to get especially with copyright issues, unless you are an artist. Deciding on a topic was really difficult for me too, but I think you’ve learned a skill which could come in handy later on with a different topic.

  4. Hi Krystal,
    I appreciate your concern as well. Though I didn’t plan to use a “talking head” format, I do see how it would be appropriate for certain purposes – particularly, as you mentioned, when you’d like to be more personal with your audience. I think it has a bad rap because so many videos in this format have been duds – but there are some great ones too! They may not be as visually stimulating, but that’s not what every audience needs or wants.

    Great job!

  5. This video is really good! This makes me feel embarrassed that my video is so amateur… Perhaps that is the difference in our enjoyment levels with this assignment? I’m curious what video software you used for this?

    • I used Videoscribe, it was one of the suggested ones. It was a bit intensive in editing to use. And I thought yours was much better. Seems there may be a tendency to look down on our work. I wonder if it relates to just not being sure what is “quality”?

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  7. Great video!! I really enjoyed the animation.

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