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Two Podcasts I love:


I’ve posted this first podcast in our introduction section for ADL310, as an example of a form of social media that I thought works very well.  It’s the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show choice cuts.  What that basically means is all the spoken parts in between the songs are podcasted, and since the show airs from 11pm-3am my time, this works really well for me.  I love British humor, but what I love most about the show is that it feels like I am a part of a group that’s just there to have fun.  It’s like hanging with your own friends and talking about anything and everything, but as many people notice I’m more the listener in those groups.  The podcast isn’t someone just talking at you, it’s much more inclusive than that, and it’s a great way to spend what use to be an hour and ten minute commute to work (which is now down to 5 min on the bus after moving).  It also calms me down when I’m a bit nervous, because I can focus on the chatter and laughter, and not my own thoughts. The podcast is very simple and it’s used as a marketing tool to increase the listeners to their show, which seems to have worked since they have added their home time and weekend shows to the list.  If the original podcast didn’t work, why waste the time making and editing them?

The second example is one of the many language podcasts that are out there.  I love to travel and learn new languages, it’s a passion of mine.  Quite often, I love to dream of a big trip and make all sorts of plans, like learning basic communication skills. In the first episode you are learning basic words, but by the most recent one (episode 161) you are learning how to talk about political scandals like the Snowden case, so it builds on from just simple conversational French.  This is again not just someone talking at you, but a man and a woman speaking to each other, and highlighting the key concepts in the podcast for you to repeat.  You can listen to the podcast at any time and you don’t have to fit a class into your busy schedule, so it is very convenient, and takes less commitment. A la prochaine!


3 thoughts on “Two Podcasts I love:

  1. I like the language podcast! I have a spanish one that I use but I will have to check this out. #ADL310

  2. Reblogged this on Meldemac and commented:
    Great tip on a language blog from KWIZOE. Thanks 🙂

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