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Thoughts on podcasts


This is the module that overwhelms me the most, and I’m trying not to let it worry me so much.  Part is, what do I talk about?  I can talk about tv shows I like, or books, but what do I choose?  Or should I just talk about generalized anxiety and how something as small as speaking on a topic of my choice is too much choice, like going to a restaurant and having too many options for a meal?  It’s not that I haven’t spoken in public, I’ve done that plenty of times when I was working in archaeology, but those were 20 min sessions and I had months to prepare.  Maybe it’s that I hate the sound of my voice when recorded, all high and girly?  Whatever it is, I hope I feel better about them after they are complete.  I am struggling as well with the show notes, as I am not sure of the detail or content that is needed.  Quite often when I was presenting a paper I never actually wrote it all out, but provided myself with bulleted “talking points” so I would stay on track, but not sound so rehearsed.  

Do I think podcasts will become something I use in my blog?  I’m not sure.  I guess it could be effective as a way to connect to the readers, makes me more real, but realistically I don’t know how worthwhile it will be.  A lot of the blogs I’ve already seen about health don’t seem to include podcasts, and maybe it’s because it feels too exposed?  It might be a nice way to welcome people to my blog (in the about section) and tell them a little about myself……I will need to think on this a little more for the personal side.  For my job at UofC, I think podcasts could work very well.  I could interview some of the faculty and students and post it on twitter, as a way to have content that is meaningful and engage new students.  


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on podcasts

  1. Great ideas for future use on your blog! I haven’t thought that far ahead! Still thinking about what I will talk about 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing! I especially like your ideas on how you can incorporate podcast both in your personal blog and your work. You have helped me to understand how all these types of social media that we are learning about come together!

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