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My opinion on podcasts


I have never done something as stressful and nerve-wracking as record a podcast, and I am not sure I will do them very often.  It probably took me a good 30 min to record 3 min of content, due to messing up words, and stops/starts.  I even had show notes, but still I would just seem to mess up a word, which would annoy me and then I would have to start all over.  I might be too much of a perfectionist to be able to use podcasts, or I may need to write them out in full and just read like a script!  I’m also highly critical of my voice, so I will need to really think long and hard if podcasts are worth it for my personal blog.  I sill think they can be great with my work accounts, as it will be more interview style, and easier to manage with someone else as the focus.  I could have done that for these two assignments, but I really wanted to add content to my about section.



4 thoughts on “My opinion on podcasts

  1. I agree…it took a lot of time and planning to produce a short podcast, plus the stress of publishing it, and sharing it. I did have an easier time of the second one, because I was familiar with the process already, so I think as we get more of these under our belts, we’ll find them easier to do. I also starting looking at some books on being a voice artist and how to do voice overs…plus I read out loud to my daughter, so although I was initially unhappy with my voice, I feel it is getting more “radio trained” as I learn and practice.

    • That’s a great idea, looking at books on voice casting or even just podcasts. I might do one more, but then that may be it, as I do prefer writing over all.

  2. There have been numerous studies and surveys showing how most people do not like hearing their own voice because they are not familiar with it. Has to do with how our voice travels through our skull to our ears. But over time, you get used to it.

    • It’s true, I’ve seen those same studies in my psych classes. I think for me it’s more that I hate listening to something I already know, I’ve said it, and I don’t need to experience it again.

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