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My impression of Google+ and LinkedIn at the end of the module


My overall impression of Google+ and LinkedIn has improved, but not drastically over the last few days.  One of the things I love about Google+ is that I can be selective in how I share my information or photos, and that’s fantastic, Facebook should look into this feature.  I want to share certain parts of my life with my friends, or some modelling I have done with people in that industry, but not with people I work with at UofC, and Google+ allows that option.  I think the hang out feature is similar to what Facebook has, and overall I think Facebook is my favorite, with it’s clean look, and everyone I know seems to be there.  Whenever I am on Google+ these last few days I feel alone, even when I’ve connected with someone,and I never feel alone on Facebook.  I question whether I will keep up with Google+ in the long term, or if I will begin to ignore it in favor of other platforms.

LinkedIn…..I can see how it can be a benefit to your work life, especially if you love to network.  What I don’t get is how I could meaningfully interact with my ADL 310 classmates, other than endorsing, or joining a group, there was no real way to leave visible messages, and not many update their status to allow for comments.  I see that I’ve been randomly searched, but I noticed it’s more people “creeping”, than actual people who are interested in a job…..though someone from NASA did look at my profile!  I will definitely check into LinkedIn more often than I did in the past, and I will update my status often, as was suggested by a commenter. I’d like to see LinkedIn grow more in it’s interaction level, but overall I think it’s a very professional looking website, for something that is used by professionals.  I could never see myself using FB to find jobs or Google+ for that either, they are just strictly for personal use.  And when I speak about using it for work, it’s for my job at UofC, as I would one day like to move into more HR roles, but to promote myself as a blogger I think it will fail on LinkedIn I would have to create two separate identities on the site, one for UofC and one for blogging/public speaking, as few in my work life want to hear the details of my life.

I hope this entry made some sense, as it’s been somewhat of a rough day physically for me.


2 thoughts on “My impression of Google+ and LinkedIn at the end of the module

  1. Very cool about someone from NASA looking at your profile!
    And I agree with you about FB and Google+ being for personal use. When I read the text chapter about marketing on FB, I just kept thinking to myself, “nope, not doing that” or “nope, not for me”. And I kind of think my Google+ account is going to be more than a little neglected once this course wraps up.
    And your entry did make perfect sense, well done!

    • I was the same, the book made Facebook seem like something totally different. I like the idea of pages for a business, but I don’t see marketing yourself as a good thing in such a personal site.

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