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Achieving goals with G+ and LinkedIn



I really had to sit down and think about how Google+ and LinkedIn can help me both personally and professionally, since I am focusing on becoming a blogger I wasn’t sure how they could help me achieve goals, or how they could be used in my work context.  I’ve realized they are both going to serve totally different purposes in my life, Google+ will be used more for blogging, and LinkedIn for my current work as a graduate program administrator.  I think LinkedIn may lead to some great workshops and connections, and already I’ve noticed that people I never would have thought would be interested in me!  Currently, I’m not looking for a job, but maybe I will in the future….or maybe a dream job will be offered that I just can’t refuse!  I don’t think people would appreciate me discussing my personal issues in a professional setting.

In regards to A(ttract) C(onvert), and T(ransform) model, I think it’s again a split between my personal and professional life.  I think that with Google+ and LinkedIn I will need to be more proactive to attract, like posting daily statuses, to bring attention to myself and stand out more.  I’m just not sure how much I want to do that, since I am already involved with Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.  Google+ may become another way to promote my blog, but all the connections I have there are already on Facebook and Twitter.  LinkedIn I can probably make a promise to post something monthly to keep my account more active.

Convert: I can link to my blog, and hope that people +1 me, but right now I don’t see how I can convert people to consumers, and then to customers.  I did have a thought about trying to promote myself as a public speaker in regards to my health issues, but that is something that is a ways in the future. 

Transform:  Again, this is something off in the future, since I am really only selling myself as a brand, but if I can attract more readers to my blog, and twitter, and then keep them entertained, maybe I can build them into future dreams.  As I mentioned, I would love to be a public speaker and be a voice for women who may feel they are alone during a difficult time.

I do have to say that for personal and professional work, I like the circles in Google+, and that I can control who sees what I post.  I might need to look at LinkedIn in that manner too, and have a profile for my work at UofC, and for my blog.  But realistically, I need to balance the social media I use, and as Khabani mentions in her book “only use what will work for me, and not sign up for something because it’s the new thing”.



2 thoughts on “Achieving goals with G+ and LinkedIn

  1. I like your last point. It’s important to be true to yourself, and be genuine in the tools you use. I think that’s why I’ll be more selective about my blogging after this course. I want to blog on topics that I am truly interested in and feel courageous sharing my thoughts on.

  2. Thanks! And, as I said before, I’d be interested to hear your story, but I am a lover of stories 🙂 I like seeing something from a different perspective.

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