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I joined LinkedIn about 3-4 months ago, after attending an HR Seminar at the UofC.  The ladies teaching the seminar mentioned it’s a great way to network and find jobs, and even if you weren’t looking now you should still prepare for that to happen.  As a person who loves to plan for the future I thought this was a great idea, and created my profile.  Since then I  have done nothing with the profile, and frankly I don’t know what to do with it.  I know I can add more information, but it seems very distant and static, unlike Facebook and Google+ where you can engage with people more.  I’m hoping my opinion changes of LinkedIn, but really I’m not sure who can best use it, or what kind of jobs you can get.  Maybe it’s more for business types, or people who are working in social media as we speak?

Overall, it was easy to create, though I’m not great at updating content or pictures.  I will see what it’s like interacting with people, since my ADL310 classmates and I are suppose to do this for our social media course.


2 thoughts on “LinkedIn

  1. Try updating your status daily and joining a few groups that are of interest to you, there are more than 1.8 million groups on #LinkedIn

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