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I am not sure I feel any better about Google+ than I did a year ago.  I just find it reminds me of an empty playground, one that was abandoned long ago.  It just seems like LinkedIn, you do most of your interacting when people aren’t around.  Maybe it’s that I am use to Facebook, and the chatting, status updates, etc, but I find Google+ doesn’t appeal to me, and I am not sure why?  I will test out the hang out, but again if you don’t know a lot of people then the hang out doesn’t seem to work, or you have to plan it like a party so people get invites and show up!  Which I was planning on doing if any of my ADL310 friends are interested in setting up a planned hangout to get to know each other better.

Again, it was super easy to create a profile, and that is something I appreciate from these sites.  I need something that is simple and if it grabs me, then I will be interested in building on what automatically comes with the basic package.  The sharing seems easy, but again I don’t have a lot of people to connect to in Google+.  I’m hoping the interaction gets better, or my colleagues can inspire me, but last time Google+ didn’t keep my attention for very long.


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  1. I’d be up for attempting to do a hangout 🙂 I, too, don’t really feel that I much like Google + but I’d be up for learning how to use it a bit better. 🙂

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