This site is about my experience with cervical dysplasia, as well as anything else I might feel like discussing!

The procedure


Spoiler: this won’t get graphic, but there may be details people feel a bit queasy about…

As you can see I made it through the procedure, but it was probably one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life.  At least there were some people who really made it tolerable.  The appointment started like all the others, arriving and having a discussion with one of the nurses.  Then because I was really nervous I took an Ativan and sat in the waiting room to let it take effect.  I don’t know why in Canada we don’t make this standard practice, as in the U.S. you must take a sedative for this procedure.  My friend Ivy and her daughter Hanna came with me, so they sat with me and kept me distracted with conversation.

When I was called back into the room I found out I had my favorite nurse to get me through the procedure.  We quickly started the prep work, which partly involved sticking a grounding pad to my derriere!  It’s funny how we all have this level of modesty, because I began by trying to move the huge sheet they had given me to cover my lower half around, and realized that they’ve seen a lot more, and will see more in the next few minutes.  I laughed and dropped the sheet, joking with the nurse about the modesty.  The doctor was in pretty soon, and we got the procedure underway.  I will keep out a lot of the details, but as I said it was as bad, or worse than I thought.  The needles were probably the worst, and I did comically scream out loud at the first one of four, more from the shock of how painful it was, and I hope I didn’t upset anyone in the waiting room!  The rest went pretty quickly, and I think I only felt pain once during the whole time.  There were some complications after, as we couldn’t control some of the bleeding, but Monsel paste really can fix anything if you have enough of it!  I had to sit a little longer than most, just to make sure everything was ok.

Like I said, it was survivable, and I am hopeful that this is the only procedure I will ever need.  My next appointment is set for May 2014, but that is only if the pathology comes back with what the doctor already knew.  If something else was hiding in there, then I may be back sooner.  I am going to choose to be positive about this, and hope that no news is good news.  I haven’t posted this to scare other women, but to just discuss what I went through.  Everyone is going to be different, but I find it refreshing when someone doesn’t sugar coat a situation, but doesn’t try to intentionally scare me either.  I’d be happy to discuss things more with people, and the mental stress it causes.  Overall, I am feeling much better, and even more clear headed than I have in years.  I’ve even started to set myself some goals, and I will likely blog about those soon.


3 thoughts on “The procedure

  1. I am very glad this is behind you, and you are feeling much better and clearer headed. That’s great that you’ve started to set yourself some goals. I admire you for being honest and sharing your experience–that takes a lot of courage.

    You are a brave woman. Be proud, you deserve to be.

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