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Blogging Experience/Zen of Social Media Marketing


I can’t believe it’s only been one week that I have been blogging, it wasn’t easy to start or to consider putting myself out there in a very exposed way, but I am glad I did.  I don’t feel nearly as exposed, and it helps me direct stress in a more healthy manner.  I am noticing some of the trends that were mentioned in Shama Kabani’s book “the Zen of Social Media Marketing”.  I haven’t blogged all weekend and my views are much lower than when I have published something, and she suggests blogging a minimum of twice a week.  I think if one wants to really build their base, posting every 2nd day would be more beneficial.  You want people to remember you are around, but you also want to make sure you have substance.  Over all, I have really enjoyed the blogging experience, and I love how it’s already connecting me to people who are in a similar situation.  Even if they don’t comment directly, I think a blog like mine (one with a social purpose) can be very effective in relieving some fear and stress about shared medical conditions.  I do hope that as I continue to write, that people start feeling more comfortable about discussing things with me. I would actually like to see Shama explore that more, twitter, facebook and blogs can be more than just business builders, they can be mediums of social change.  It’s not just that social media has changed how we communicate, but it can be used to create further change, and more open dialogues in our world.

I do feel that text books like Shama’s or “Likeable Social Media” can benefit new learner’s to this medium, but I do feel they focus too much on business, and/or marketing strategies.  It’s too narrow a focus.  We need to expand the definition of what social media can do for us, both as individuals and our society as a whole.  I think she would be wise to add a chapter in her book to this effect.

I would rate this week very high for how much I have come to enjoy blogging, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. 


5 thoughts on “Blogging Experience/Zen of Social Media Marketing

  1. You make a good point – perhaps the text on social media marketing is too narrowed a context. There are other reasons to blog…and with a course entitled Social Media and More…perhaps these should have been explored too.

  2. You make many good points, I think these days it’s difficult for a text book to be everything to everyone-it just results in more reading for the student. I think the text we are using now is “good enough” certainly, and as you mention it’s only been a week, and I find myself referring back to the text a lot as the whole enterprise is so new to me. I haven’t found the Shama text to be too business-focused, as I easily interpret “custome” and “client” for “friends” and “followers”.

  3. I think you’ll find that in order to create social change, you need to get your message out there. Approaching social media as a marketing avenue may help you get there faster and on a more global scale.

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