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Evaluation of a Social Media website


Evaluation of a Social Media website

This is a course related blog, so I apologize to anyone who is here for other reasons.

I decided for my 2nd website I would evaluate one that deals with social media.  I found Tara Hunt’s blog through WordPress, and so far I am very impressed.  I remember the text book discussing that people like to look at beautiful and well organized websites, since we then infer that the people also hold characteristics like this, and know what they are doing.  Her blog is so well organized that I have no trouble navigating it.  She has a row of important tabs on the top that link to information about her background, and if you wanted to hire her the site links to her company, and right away you are told what the company provides.  No frustration searching for anything.

I also like that she uses pictures.  I’ve read in a number of places that for a blog you should never just have text, that links, hyperlinks, and pictures break up the information, and might draw someone into a blog post. There are links to other social media websites, an though she may be more into marketing, she seems to have very strong social media skills. The articles are informative, but a bit long.  Overall I think this is an excellent way to market oneself, and your company.


2 thoughts on “Evaluation of a Social Media website

  1. Tara Hunt’s blog seems to be better than Shama Kabani’s. Tara has a long list of articles, but Shama only has recent ones, and I couldn’t see an archive link. Also, I read one post each, but Tara’s seems to have more substance. Interesting that they are in the same business, and both written books, but one seems to offer more value.

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